10 (okay 11) things most people don't know about me.

  1. I’ve moved 5 times to cities and places where I’ve known no one, including Boston, New York City, Portland, OR, and living in rural New Hampshire.
  2. I've worked with professional athletes, musicians, leaders, and designers that have inspired me to tap into the power of doing what lights you up and comes with ease.
  3. I lived in the country for 5 years on 3.5 acres (riding lawn mower and all). It was there I found my passion for gardening and became an amateur bird watcher (who’d of thunk).
  4. Movies are a huge form of inspiration for me, from dark-cult films and films noir, to movies or shows which soundtrack's were meticulously thought out, the power of storytelling always moves me.
  5. I was a DJ for my college radio station, it’s where I discovered the depths of music and my collection and passion for it exploded. I am heavily influenced by 70's and post-punk classics but always have a nod towards classical and ambient sounds.
  6. I have a penchant for saying “movie quotes” when the timing in life calls for it.
  7. I have had a yoga practice for nearly 20 years and traveled to India to practice with all the other soul seekers for 2 months. While I am certified to teach, I choose not to. That said, the foundations and the pillars of the practice all apply to my coaching and business approach. It just teaches us how to be more discerning, to listen to ourselves, and provides incredible tools for resilience (a necessity in today's world).
  8. For pure fun, I run a pop up vintage store. I love the thrill of the hunt and connecting with like minded folk who seek a point of view that is fresh and conscious. It's also my main-line into underground culture as I network and connect with other creative types.
  9. I move furniture and reorganize frequently. It’s the visual merchant in me.
  10. My father was a diplomat for the US State Department and my mother is from Ecuador, as a result I’ve traveled extensively. It’s had a huge impact on my view of the world and an inspiration to my own personal style.
  11. I am a certified coach - most people don't know that about me.