My (Short) story

I spent nearly twenty years working for and with lifestyle brands and retailers in the active outdoor and wellness worlds as a marketer, merchant, and head of design and development, creating incredible products and being surrounded by some of the most talented business minds, designers, and thinkers in their industry.

In 2010, I began consulting. I helped orchestrate and shift the entire strategy of an ethically produced fashion forward women's active line WITH (which is taking off in the digital world), was called back for a second tour of duty for EMS,  and worked with one of the country's most highly regarded yoga schools where I would build an operational and growth plan creating alignment and collaboration amongst teams.  

My expertise is helping businesses identify areas for growth and bringing key concepts and projects to life from beginning to end.

I am that crazy rare bird that has both left and right brain on. I am a strategic/creative with an appreciation for underground movements and social consciousness. 

When I'm not working, you'll find me record hunting, blogging, going to estate sales, art openings, live music shows, exploring new cool spaces, and spending extended periods of time in the wilderness or in my garden.  I practice yoga and meditation, and yes, I love Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. 

I live just north of Boston with my husband, 5 year old daughter (mini-me), and our 12 year old almost toothless cat, Coco. 

I'm always open to inquiries or one on one jam sessions with businesses who may need a simple nudge in the right direction, or long term projects.