Your brand is the wind in the sails of your business.

It's not your logo or your colors. It's your promise to your customers, it's why you do what you do and how you do it. It's laden with values and behaviors that align to those you seek to attract. 

Together I and a team of creatives work with you to research and help you to: 

  • Position yourself within your market and put a stake in the ground.
  • Define your brand characteristics and create a strong value proposition.
  • Get clear on your target customer(s) what moves them and why.
  • Define the qualities of your core product and service categories.
  • Help you get clear on how your brand behaves in your community and market.
  • Create a brand guide for your teams and external partners with the team at WeAreGather.Co

Your brand is always evolving and changing just as your organization and your customer —but there are qualities of its essence that never shift. It's these qualities that are essential for creating loyalty amongst your tribe.